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The history beyond the scene of that character is that: when i started model, i figured her body very sinuous and rapresentative, like some img u can see in google if u search Batgirl.

Than i've had a thought: why make the usual Batgirl instead than something alternative, like sometimes is possible to see in illustration grotesque rapresenting "Alice in Wonderland" or something bizarre like Tim Barton's illustration?

So, i started to push on some aspect of the char: is not many noticeable, but she has a very big ass!

And if u pay attention, she has a big chin also.

And the lipstick, and the color of batgirl logo, and the violet color on the hip and flank band are'nt perfet in the model but is spread around. So i figured a batgirl not proprely female as female is indeed, but a big girl, without grace and unkind.
A mix between a girl and a transexual clumsy. So, that's why the lipstick is not in the border of the lips, imagining (as for the logo on the chest and the other color on the suite) an aerograph spray inaccurate made by the hand of that big woman who wanna have the suite but not able to paint it :D

And to close the rapresentation, the name: BAT-TONA-GIRL. In italian ther's a word who means "whore" and is "battona".  So, the easy word game between "battona" and that "batgirl" who like a very ugly "bat-tona-girl" :D

And that's all ^^

I hope, after the explanation, u'll be not so scared :P


Modeled with Maya 2011

Sculpting: Mudbox 2011.

Rendering: Mental Ray.

Texture + compositing: Photoshop.

Low level poly model with Color + Normal Map.




HI RES IMG (2048*2048)






Wireframes and workflow


face closeup


body closeup


boots closeup





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